Demon – Try it, you’ll love it!

CarPlan is the umbrella brand within the Tetrosyl portfolio and the range encompasses all aspects of car care cleaning and maintenance. CarPlan products have the widest range of automotive aftermarket products in Europe. The diverse range consists of products to meet both consumer needs and trade needs. CarPlan is the most proactive brand in car care and we ensure innovation is at the forefront of all our activity.

Demon Foam

With an amazing cherry fragrance, our patented Demon Snow Foam, generates a dense foam that is easy to set up and use whilst relying only on standard household water pressure. Demon Foam effortlessly lifts dirt and contaminants from the surface and the high performance detergents powerfully remove all traces of traffic film, dirt and grease, leaving a spotless, streak-free and shiny finish.

Demon Shine

Our cherry fragranced top gloss treatment provides a just waxed finish without the hard work! No hard rubbing or polishing, just a mirror finish shine that lasts for weeks. Use on paintwork, wheels and bumpers.

Demon Clean

The unique Multi Purpose Cleaner can be used to clean interior and exterior surfaces of the car. Interior Uses include the dashboard, windows, plastic trim and other hard surfaces. General Exterior Uses include plastic and trim surfaces. The citrus fragranced formula works by effectively removing dirt, grease and grime leaving a pleasant aroma.

Demon Ice

Demon Ice is a unique new product that provides 2 functions from a single product, and is effective down to temperatures as low as -20∞C. Demon Ice can be sprayed onto the car windscreen the night before you travel, and will help prevent ice from forming overnight. As well, Demon Ice can also be used as an extremely high-performance de-icer that can be used to instantly melt ice from vehicles.

Demon Gift Pack

The Demon Gift Pack contains everything you need to clean and shine your car. This kit includes all the Demon essentials to wash, clean and shine your vehicle bodywork, before applying the finishing touches by leaving your wheels shining clean. The kit contains: Demon Foam, Demon Shine, Demon Clean, Demon Wheels, Demon Tyres, a large sponge, a microfibre cloth and an air freshener.

Demon Freeze

Demon Freeze can be sprayed directly onto your windscreen through the washer jets to de-ice your car. Demon Freeze prevents freezing in the tank and pipes and is formulated for temperatures down to as low as -20∞C. Demon Freeze is a concentrated formula for safer winter driving. It also contains Bitrex to avoid accidental ingestion.

Demon Machine

New technology Pre Wash Degreaser takes the hard scrubbing out of washing your vehicle. Simply spray all over vehicle before washing and watch the formula dissolve grease, grime, bird lime & tree sap. Can be used on vehicle paintwork, glass plastic and chrome

Demon Wheels

Universal wheel cleaner formula is safe to use on any wheels including chrome, plastic, alloys and split rims. The fast acting formula removes baked on brake dust, road grime and oil quickly. Simple spray on action!

Demon Tyres

A silicone free tyre shine for wet look tyres, The easy one step action provides shine and protection that lasts. The no wipe formula leaves a long lasting wet look that seals in shine!

Perfect, loads of Foam.
Just attach it to your hose, select foam and foam is what you get.
Works best when rubbed in with a cleaning brush.
Work one area at a time, if you cover the whole car by the time you get the brush the foam runs off on to the floor.
I’m still testing the up to 20 washes, (I say ”I” but i mean ”my husband”). He is up to 10 and feels there is going to be plenty enough to get the 20 for the car and bike.
Smells like bubble gum!

MB via Amazon

Rather than use a car wash I prefer to clean my car myself. It is good exercise and although it takes longer than putting it through a car wash at least I know that I have done the job to my satisfaction.
This pre-wash degreaser (Demon Machine) is great. I spray my car panel by panel leaving each for about five minutes before washing the panel with a wet soft cloth (I like large microfibre clothes). Nearly all dirt and grime is easily wiped off. If the vehicle has not been washed for sometime it may require a repeat but in the last four years I have only had to do that once after not cleaning the vehicle for more than six months.
Once the vehicle has been treated in this way it is ready to use more elbow grease – waxing and polishing.
After spending a couple of hours work I think you will be very, very happy how good your car looks.

R. L. D. Cooper

I have bought Demon Shine previously and was very impresed with the ease and speed it was possible to get a good shine. The added benefit is you just wash it, spray it on, (I do all over in one go), and polish off with a microfibre cloth.
Polishing the car now takes only a few more minutes than washing it. Spraying it on the alloy wheels helps keep brake dust at bay too. After rain, the water beads on the surfaces as if it has been polished with some of the more traditional products.
Overall – it does what it says on the tin – highly recommended and job done in minutes!

mps55555 via Amazon