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6 Clearcoats
Process 420 Clearcoat
2K HS Clearcoatisfor mulatedto offer high build, good adhesion and durability. Withlessthan 420g/L VOC,it co mplies with EUlegislation.Itrequires no thinning andis easyto polish.The activatorfor 2K HS Clearcoat has been specially designedto offer excellent perfor mance.
2K HS Clearcoat
2K HS Clearcoat
Standard Activatorfor for 2K HS Clearcoat
Fast Activatorfor 2K HS Clearcoat
Case Qty Size 6 1L
4 5L
4 2.5L
4 2.5L
Code GLC003 GLC007 GCS250
Barcode 5010372016665 5010372016627 5010372016696
Scratch Resistant Clearcoat
A2K Water WhiteClearAcrylicClearcoatforuseinclear-over-base applications. With excellent build, gloss, adhesions and durability,this productisfast drying andis suitablefor air-dry,lo w-bake orinfra-red curing. Scratch Resistant Clearcoatrequires nothinning and can be applied over most basecoatfinishes. Scratch Resistant Clearcoatis excellentfor matching different colours.
Scratch Resistant Clearcoat
Scratch Resistant Clearcoat Activator Standard
Case Qty Size Code
4 5L RAC005
4 2.5L RAC025
Barcode 5010373078310

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