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Masking/Paper Products
Hot80 MaskingTape
Se mi-translucent maskingtapefor accurate positioning ontotri ms, badges and stripes. Excellent adhesion/holding po wer.
Hot80 MaskingTape Hot80 MaskingTape Hot80 MaskingTape Hot80 MaskingTape
Case Qty 48Rolls/Case 36Rolls/Case 24Rolls/Case 20Rolls/Case
Size Code Barcode
Seat/ Floor Protectors
High quality disposable seat covers, designedtoresist punctures andtears. Boxedin an easyto use dispenser, universallyfitting and suitableforthe majority of vehicles.
Seat Protectors
Floor Protectors
Case Qty 100/ Case
200/ Case
1320 m m x800mm
380 m m x500mm
Code UPS001
UF M200
Barcode 5010372007847
19 m m 24 m m 38 m m 50 m m
V MT019 V MT025 V MT038 V MT050
5010372006987 5010372006994 5010372007007 5010372007014
Tri m Mask
Specially developed creped paper and vinyltapeforthe masking ofrubbertri ms either straight or angled.
Product Trim Mask
Case Qty 8
Size Code Barcode 50x10m UTM002 5010372010434

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