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1 Panelwipes
Panel Perfection
A waterbased preparationfor cleaning and degreasing car body panels, priortorefinishing/painting. Atlessthan 200g/l VOC content,itfully
co mplies with allrelevant EUlegislation.
Panel Perfection(Trigger) Panel Perfection
Case Qty 6
Size 1L 5L
Code Barcode
WSP010 5010372018690 WSP050 5010372017761
Pre- Wipe Degreaser Pre- Wipe Degreaser
Case Qty Size 4 5L
1 25L
P WD005 P WD225
Barcode 5010372014258 5010373080917
Pre- Wipe Degreaser
A preparation productfor cleaning panels of oil, grease, waxes,flattingresidues,finger marks andreducestherisk of silicone conta mination. Can also be usedfor cleaning priorto polishing.
A preparation productforre moving greases and waxesfro m surfaces which areto be bonded,repaired or pri med. Also can be usedfor cleaningtools and brushes while working with polyester, vinyl ester and epoxyresins.
Product Acetone Acetone
Ne w
Isopropyl Alcohol(IPA)is a solventthat can be usedfor Final preparation priorto painting, cleaning and degreasing all substrates. Givingthe abilityto be usedfor cleaning off many uncured adhesives, sealants andresins.
Product Case Qty Size Code Barcode Isopropyl Alcohol 4 5L IPA050 5010373080924
Case Qty Size Code Barcode
4 5L TAC050 5010373071618 1 25L TAC025 5010373072950
Isopropyl Alcohol

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