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Quinton Hazell batteries sold as replacement are guaranteed against premature failure due to manufacturing or material defects only. In the event of such battery failure, the battery should be returned with proof of purchase to the original Quinton Hazell Distributor for testing. Subject to testing by the distributor the battery will be exchanged free of charge.
• The distributor has the right to test and if necessary, charge the battery before agreeing to the claim • This does not affect the statutory rights of the customer in anyway
• The Guarantee is subject to Terms and Conditions
• The Guarantee is valid only for the purchaser of the battery, and is not transferable
Battery range
Guarantee against faulty workmanship or materials
Powerbox SS Extra CAR 3 Years
Powerbox SS
3 Years
Powerbox Extra CAR 5 Years
3 Years
Powerbox CV CV 2 Years
Powerbox CV
2 Years
Leisure Leisure 2 Years
Leisure Plus
2 Years
Import – Exclusions
This guarantee excludes batteries used on the following applications -
** e.g. trailers & caravans, boats, lawnmowers, wheelchairs, golf trolleys & buggies, emergency lighting, etc.
The guarantee does not cover:
• Failure resulting from wear and tear, misuses and negligence, either before or during use e.g. overcharged, cycled, sulphated or undercharged.
• Failure resulting from the use of any  uids other than distilled or deionised water.
• Use of a battery on a vehicle or unit for which is not recommended or on which it has been installed and
commissioned incorrectly.
• Failure or deterioration resulting from the malfunction of ant charging systems.
The guarantee cannot be transferred and only applies to the original user of the battery. The guarantee commences from date of purchase.
The guarantee does not effect the statutory rights of the consumer in any way.
No guarantee claim will be actioned without a dated proof of purchase.
Labour claims can only be accepted in the event of proven liability.
Taxi cabs
1 Year
Ambulances 1 Year
Police Cars
1 Year
Fire Engines 1 Year
Cyclic applications**
6 Months

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