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5 Aqua-t
aqua-t TM
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Aqua-tis afull waterborne paint syste m, not a Hybrid/Solvent based syste m.
This method can guaranteethe sa me paintfinish everyti me, usingthe easilyrepeatable aqua-t method.
This highlyflexible paint syste m givesthe body shopthe abilityto use chro matic s watches, manufacturer colour code spectro meterto match your custo mers vehicle colour exactly and producethe exact quantities
requiredtoreproducethis colour with aqua-t paints.
Our ai misto si mplify colour matching by gettingthe bodyshopsto‘Forgetthe car,justlook atthe colour’.
With currently around 55,000 coloursinthe aqua-t database, you should al ways be abletofindtheright colour.
If not, atechnicaltea mis availabletotake a panel and match a colour within 3 days orless,then getit addedinto the aqua-t database.
Byre movingthe solvent part ofthe bodyshops paint syste ms,it meansreduced gun cleaning,reduced solvent usage, areductionin har mfulfu mes andreducesthe a mount of solventthat needsto be disposed of. Eventap
water can be usedto clean out spray guns after using aqua-t.
Also meaning no specialist ventilationisrequiredinthe spray booth. Another costreduction.
A giant pitfallin solvent based syste msisthe differing dryingti mes produce differentfinishes, but not with aqua-t. No matter whatthe dryingti me you will getthe sa me colourfinish everyti me.
Another difficulty with solventsisfiguring out whetheritis dry or not, againthisis not anissue you needto worry about when using aqua-t.
Aqua-t waterborne syste m has been developedfor ease of use, enabling bodyshopsto makeless mistakes and spendlessti mefinishing a custo mer’s vehicle, enabling more vehiclesto passthroughthe doors.
Aqua-t provides afantastic colour matching syste m, greattechnical help and marketing supportfor all your needs.

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