Page 14 - Refinishing Brochure 2018
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A q u a-t ‘ H o w t o’ G ui d e
PREPARATION To ensurethe best paint application make surethe preparation ofthe panelisfinished perfectly. Thefinal sandedfinish should be no coarser gradethan P400 andif you wishto blendthe
p a n el n o l o w er t h a n P 8 0 0.
Cleanthe areato be painted with panel wipe and make sure allresidueisre moved. Use a Tack Clothto wipethe surface before you start painting, atack clothis veryi mportantif you don’t haveideal surroundingsfor your paintjobtotake placein.
MIXINGCOLOUR MixingtheAqua-tisasimpleprocess.Oncethecorrectcolourhasbeenidentified by checkingthe colour code and,if available,the s watch chip. Match againstthe adjacent panelin whichto be painted. Weigh outthe Aqua-ttothe a mount you desire, al waysre me mberingthat 30% of wateris added atthe end. Once weighed out and mixed up, atest card could be sprayedto make sure thecorrect matchis made.Toensureyou willbehappy withyourpaintselection,lookatthecolour under variouslighting conditions bothindoors and outdoors.
BASECOATAPPLICATION Applingwaterbornebasecoatissimilartosolventbasecoat.Youshouldhold your gun at aright angletothe surface being painted at a distance of 6-10inches. All ofthe Aqua-t coats needsto be painted at a 2 bar pressure(30psi). A gun set upincluding afluidtip of 1.2is needed, any different and you may not getthe desired paintfinish. 2full coats are applied,leaving enoughti me bet ween coatsforthe basecoatto dry,this maytake slightlylongerthan solvent basecoat but maintaining heat and good airflo w will speed upthe process. After applyingthe 2ndfull coat and dryingitfully, checkto seethatthe areaisfully covered and no pri mer orrepair marks can be s e e n. T h e n a li g h t d r o p ( d u s t ) c o a t s h o ul d b e a p pli e d. S till a t 2 b a r p r e s s u r e a n d a t h al f t ri g g e r a p pl y the drop coat evenly,if blending; arcing a way atthe area you needtofade outthe paint. Waterborne paintsleaveless overspraythan solvent paints so using a Tack Cloth after applyingthefinal drop coat is usually not necessary.If happy with your application move ontothe clearcoat.
CLEARCOATAPPLICATION TheClearcoatapplicationoverAqua-t willbethesa measoverasolvent paint. Make surethe paintisfully dry and a mattefinish.If usingthe 420 Clearcoat, 1light coat should be appliedfollo wing afull coat without aflash offti me.If usingthe SR Clearcoat 2full coats should be applied with a 10 minuteflash off bet ween coats.
DRYINGTIMES Dryingti mes willvarydependingonhowtheproduct willbecured.
Thereco m mended processistoflash offthelast coatfor 10 minutes andthen bakefor 30 minutes at 60oC panelte mperature. Dryingthe clearcoat with aninfraredla mp will have differentti mes,just make surethe panel doesn’t getto hot other wise popping may occur. You can use aninfraredlaser ther mo meterto help you settle on ho wfartheinfraredla mp needsto be placed.
POLISHING Polishingthepaintedareaisthesa measpolishingapanelpaintedinsolventbasecoat, flatthe area with 1500 or 2000 wet and dry paper, orif you preferflat with 1500 discs andthen you can Trizact 3000it after wardsto make polishing slightly easier. Using Tetrosyl's Super V M Co mpound is a great wayto polishthe areato a high gloss, Tetrosyl's Final Finish Bodyshop Polish also protects the panel oncefinished.
* You must only use Tetrosyl productsincludedtogether as one paint syste m. This meansif you planto use Aqua-t paint on your car, you must also use Tetrosylreducer, hardener, sealer, pri mer, cleaner, paint and clearcoatforthe entire project. You can’t mix various products that arefro m different brands. They are all designedto be used as part ofthe sa me paint syste m

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