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Tetrabead Hand Cleaner
A heavy duty hand cleanerforthere moval of dirt, grease and oilsfro m hands.
Natural citrus extracts and conditioners cutthrough dirt andleave your handsfeelingfresh.
Product Case Qty Size Code Barcode Tetrabead Hand Cleaner 1 15L TBH015 5010373013601
Tetra Pads Sound Deadening Pads
Tetra Pads are designedto absorb vibrations on metal panels also providing an effective soundinsulation.
Textured Sound Deadening Pads Textured Sound Deadening Pads
Case Qty 10 Pads
4 Pads
Size Code 200 m m SDP200 500 m m SDP500
Barcode 5010372833002 5010372832906
Sea m Sealer
A syntheticrubber sealant, which protects overlap sea ms against dust and water penetration.
Per manentlyflexible,it offers excellent non-slu mping characteristics, makingitidealfor horizontal or verticaljoints.
Sea m Sealer(Cartridge) Sea m Sealer(Brushable)
Case Qty 12
Size Code 310 ml CSS310 1Kg BSS001
Barcode 5010372833200 5010372833101
L e v er Li d Ti n s
E mptyleverlidtins perfectfor holding
pre- mixed solvent based paintsreadyforthe customer.(Notsuitablefor waterbornepaints). E mpty waterborneleverlidtins are specially lacqueredto makethe m perfectfor holding pre- mixed
t h e c u s t o m e r.
EmptyLeverLidTin EmptyLeverLidTin EmptyLeverLidTin EmptyLeverLidTin EmptyLeverLidTin EmptyWaterborneLeverLidTin EmptyWaterborneLeverLidTin EmptyWaterborneLeverLidTin EmptyWaterborneLeverLidTin EmptyWaterborneLeverLidTin EmptyDrum(Plain)
E MP250 EMP005 EMP100 E MP025 EMP500
WBT250 WBT005 WBT100 WBT025 WBT500 E MR025
Barcode 5010372996356 5010372832104 5010372832203 5010372832302 5010372832609 5010372014159 5010372014166 5010372014173 5010372014180 5010372014197 5010372832500
Additional Products
A variety of productsto co mpletethe Tetrosylrefinishing solution.
Extra Hardener
Plastic Spreaders Tin Lid Clips
Berg Closures
Case Qty 12
36 1000
Size Code 40g EXH001 - PLS003
- TCL001 25L BBC000
CaseQty Size 48 250ml 115 500ml 57 1L
36 2.5L 24 5L
48 250ml 115 500ml 57 1L
36 2.5L 24 5L
1 25L
Barcode 5010372702407 5010372701806
- 5010372996523

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