winter Brands


Tetrosyl offers an extensive range of winter car care products. The range of products has been protecting motorists since the 1950s. These products range from De-icer, Screenwash & Antifreeze to winter essentials such as Power Start & Snow Grip. The range also includes winter accessories ranging from Wiper blades and Snow Socks to Snow Shovels.

In terms of winter chemicals the Tetrosyl range of products contains Screenwash & De-icer products suitable for the needs motorists during mild and extreme winters.

The premium De-icer has the ability to perform effectively down to temperatures as low as -25°C, the premium Screenwash products offer freezing protection down to -36°C. These products go beyond the basic needs of the motorist by including other additional benefits such as water repellency and wiper lubrication.

All of the Antifreeze/Coolant products in the Tetrosyl range contain Bitrex to help prevent accidental ingestion.