Triplewax – The Complete Cleaning Solution

Triplewax is the number 1 selling car shampoo and polish with over 40 years heritage. The Triplewax portfolio has been modernised and an extensive range of products have been added. The collection of car care products in this range is fast and convenient, developed to make life easier for the consumer, many using waterborne technology to eliminate or reduce solvents.

Liquid Gold

Liquid Gold incorporates advanced water sheeting technology so you can just wash and go with no manual cloth drying required. After rinsing, the water self dries and evaporates with an iridescent effect to leave a perfect shine.

Shake & Shine

New Technology! Mix the wash with the wax by simply shaking the bottle. Shake & Shine Instantly cleans paintwork, metal, glass & rubber without the need for water to help provide no streaks, smears, scratches or water spots.


Triplewax hosts an exceptional range of wash and cleaning accessories, the comprehensive collection consists of sponges, polishing cloths, microfibre cloths, applicator pads, pet hair removers and much more.

Diamond Liquid Carnauba Wax

An advanced blend of carnauba and microcrystaline waxes that offer exceptional gloss combined with resistance to UV light and acid rain.

Wax-On Wet or Dry

Triplewax Wax-On is the easiest way to wax your car! The unique formula can be applied to paintwork wet or dry! Spray and wipe action for an all over shine, leaving no white residue.

Wash & Wax

Triplewax Wash & Wax cuts through all types of dirt and grime, leaving a brilliant shine. Triplewax not only washes away dirt easily, it guarantees a spotless, streak free and shiny surface.

Just thought I’d send you a quick review on your new Triplewax Shake and Shine product. I’ve recently tried your new product Shake and Shine. It is an amazing product in terms of both price and quality. The wash side of the product works very well and removed dust and fingerprints from my paintwork and glass in just one application. As for the wax side, wow, just wow. I wax my car very often and it’s a lengthy job, plus it’s very annoying when it rains the next day and makes you feel like you’ve wasted hours of your life but with your new product it’s nice and quick to apply plus it hazes quickly so it cuts my waxing time in half easily but still leaves a lovely shiny finish. I have already recommended this product to the rest of my family.

Shane Hunter

As a Car Valeter I have purchased the Shake and Shine for the first time and must say it gives an incredible finished shine. Product is easy to apply and buff with microfibre cloth.

David Wilson

I’m a bit of a clean car saddo and have tried all kinds of products and methods to getting that showroom clean (I used to spend hours on a weekend) I was always skeptical of products like this bit with the weather turning cold I simply couldn’t be bothered to spend my usual time cleaning.
Tried this without much hope but I was wrong. It worked perfect, a few sprays, gently wiped and quickly buffed with a second microfiber cloth and the panel was spotless.
I’d definitely recommend for those who want a spotless car but dont want to spend ages doing it. (Waterless Wash and Wax)