Demon Winter Try it… you’ll love it!

Demonize your car this winter with our CarPlan Demon Winter Range. Encompassing all the essentials you need to approach and overcome the harsh winter conditions that the UK has to offer, Demon has introduced a variety of products to assist you in combat this winter. Win the war before it even begins by treating your car the night before with our unique Demon Ice 2 in 1 Pre-Icer and De-Icer, no need for tough scraping in the morning! Once the snow and ice has been removed. Demon Shot, Demon Cool and Demon Freeze come into play, improving your vision within the treacherous battlefields of A roads and Motorways, whilst providing security within your Antifreeze and Screenwash tanks down to sub-zero conditions. Demon Winter Range will make sure you are safe and secure whilst on the road this winter.

Demon Ice

Demon Ice is a unique new product that provides 2 functions from a single product, and is effective down to temperatures as low as -20°C. Demon Ice can be sprayed onto the car windscreen the night before you travel, and will help prevent ice from forming overnight. As well, Demon Ice can also be used as an extremely high-performance de-icer that can be used to instantly melt ice from vehicles.

Demon Cool

Demon Cool is a universal top-up antifreeze and coolant suitable for use in all vehicles (both petrol & diesel) and mixes with all colours of antifreeze already in the radiator/expansion tank. The synthetic process and additive package within Demon Cool provides exceptional year round protection whilst offering a superior corrosion resistance over extended service periods.

Demon Freeze

Demon Freeze can be sprayed directly onto your windscreen through the washer jets to de-ice your car. Demon Freeze prevents freezing in the tank and pipes and is formulated for temperatures down to as low as -20°C. Demon Freeze is a concentrated formula for safer winter driving. It also contains Bitrex to avoid accidental ingestion.

Demon Shot

Demon Shot 500ml can be added to your current screenwash to boost the freezing performance when the temperature drops unexpectedly, alternatively, the super concentrated formula can be used to make 25L of screenwash.  The powerful nanomeric® formulation also helps to refresh the screenwash system by alleviating odours and leaving a fresh cherry fragrance. Demon Shot comes in a handy sized bottle allowing it to be easily stored within your glove box.

Demon Chill

Demon Chill will put you at ease this winter, providing you with all the essentials to make sure your car runs safe and reliable throughout the harsh winter conditions. The Kit contains the following items: Demon Shot – a powerful screenwash booster, Demon Cool – a universal top-up antifreeze & coolant, Demon Ice – a 2 in 1 Pre-Icer & De-Icer and a Squeeqee to clear up the mess!

Best one I used – 5/5

Very good item for the price I will all-ways use this deicer. I recommended to all car users.

Guney via Halfords

Much easier with it! – 5/5

Whilst this does not keep the ice completely off the car it does stop it ‘bedding in’ as such. With minimal effort the ice just scrapes away with ease even when not put on the night before. I’ve been caught out a couple of mornings with the car needing de-icing and I have scraped it off in no time at all.

Hayles123 via Halfords

Recommend this company – 5/5

Can not recommend this company enough I will be using them again I recommend 150% clears the windscreen very quick and does what it says on the bottle, Many thanks.

painterman via Amazon