International products ensure that new ranges are customised to suit local market conditions and legal requirements. Products can be manufactured to meet customer requirements wherever in the world, meeting country legislations and registrations as well as customer specific needs, whether this may be language requirements, or visible requirements such as bottle shape, colour, labels.

Tetrosyl has the technology to produce all lubricant requirements from standard mineral oils right through to fully synthetic high performance racing oils. As the largest independent bottle blender of oil, the plant can blend and pack up to a million litres a week.
All international ranges are also manufactured in the UK and are distributed from our main distribution centre.

International Brands

CarPlan Ultra

Our Global Product Range! CarPlan Ultra offers a complete range of quality car care products at a mid-market price level. With products for both interior and exterior care, CarPlan Ultra is specially designed for drivers who require high quality products at affordable prices. There are products ranging from Shampoo’s to Waxes and Restorers, Interior valeting, Glass, Exterior valeting, Wheels & Tyres. This diverse range has something for all parts of the vehicle, delivering quality car care at a good price.


T-Cut has been used for cleaning and restoring the original colour back to cars since 1954. The magic of T-Cut has been passed down through generations of families and is not just used to remove scratches and restore paintwork but is also found to be the essential cleaner for diversified professional uses such as antique restoration for example pianos and other fine musical instruments. As well as for use around the home for Cleaning and restoring uPVC, acrylic and porcelain bathrooms, kitchen appliances, brass and metal objects to name but a few.
The T-Cut product range has been increased over the years with new product introductions to compliment modern vehicle paintwork such as metallic and pearlescent paints. Tetrosyl has used both innovation and modern technology to create totally new products like T-Cut Color Fast, T-Cut Color Fast scratch remover tubes and many more excellent products.

Auto Finish

The Auto Finish Range provides quality products for both the interior and exterior components of the vehicle. This range contains a variety of products to ensure every part of the vehicle is kept in its top form, including products from Interior, Polish, Sealants, Exterior, Wheel care, Glass care as well as Wash Accessories. The range includes products that can also be used around the home! Maximising use. The complete Auto Finish range cleans and revitalises your vehicle removing ingrained dirt and grime whilst masking stale odours leaving a fresh clean fragrance.


Triplewax is the number 1 selling car shampoo and polish with over 40 years heritage. The Triplewax portfolio has been modernised and an extensive range of products have been added. Including a new convenient product “waterless wash & shine”. The new collection of car care products is a fast and convenient range developed to make life easier for the consumer, many using waterborne technology to eliminate or reduce solvents. This range offers everything you could possibly need to care for your car. A revolutionary product first on the market, Triplewax Liquid Gold, is a new unique product which is a self-dry car shampoo that leaves a flawless showroom shine.


Carlube oils are high specification oils designed to meet the increasing market demand for high quality but affordable engine oils. Carlube oils cover a wide range of vehicles, from new high performance cars through to older, higher mileage vehicles. Tetrosyl’ s very extensive range of oils means there is something for everyone. Manufacturing and distributing a variety of oils and car fluids including Braking & Steering fluids, Motorcycle oils, Transmission Fluids, Gear oils and Engine oils to suit all types of vehicles. Carlube oils have also gained formal approvals from major commercial vehicle manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar Land Rover, Volvo Trucks, Renault trucks, Scania and Mack.


Tetrosyl’s range of Standard Thinners are a versatile solvent designed to work with a variety of cellulose based paints and products. The Standard Cellulose Thinner gives good drying and flow, it is faster drying than the cellulose premium thinner. The thinners are available in variety of sizes from 5L to 25L.