Performance Additives

Nitrox is our premier fuel additive range designed to appeal to those who want to legally boost engine performance. Nitrox additives are all dual action; cleaning the vehicles fuel systems causing the engine to burn fuel more efficiently, as well as producing immediate power boost, improving engine power and response. Nitrox Petrol/ Diesel boosts Octane/Cetane levels, pushing the engine to reach its maximum potential.

Nitrox Petrol Boost – Octane Improver

Nitrox Petrol Boost is a dual purpose product which has been specially formulated to maximise the performance of petrol engine vehicles by increasing the octane level of fuel and cleaning the entire fuel system.

Nitrox Hot Shot Power Boost

Nitrox Hot Shot Power Boost completely cleans the entire fuel system of your car, removing carbon gum and dirt build up, freezing injector systems, as well as cleaning carburetors, combustion chambers and cylinder heads.

Nitrox Diesel Boost – Cetane Improver

Nitrox Diesel Boost is a dual purpose product which has been specially formulated to maximise the performance of diesel engine vehicles by increasing the cetane level of fuel and by cleaning up fuel injectors and combustion chambers.

Always use this on my bike, at every service I chuck a bottle of this into 22litres of petrol to clean out the fuel system. Within a couple of miles you can always feel the difference – (Nitrox Hot Shot Power Boost)

Anon via Amazon

I tried Nitrox Hot Shot to see if it was any good. Well I was well and truly surprised. It really worked better than some other products that are out there claiming the same but Hot Shot improved the performance on my 2.0ltr 0.H.C Ford Transit Mk3 model ex-ambulance – made it run smoother, increased mpg and was surprised it gave me a bit more power. runnign wise the engine was smoother, pick up seemed a lot better and the price was right. So give it a try for yourself and see and feel the improvement of performance. I highly recommend Hot Shot Power Boost – it does increase BHP by up to 10% and you can feel the difference in engine perfomance. Yes, it really does work


An expensive but sometimes very helpful performance booster/ fuel system cleaner for some car/ brands of fuel (works better with some than with others). I think the petrol suppliers have changed their blends over the last year or two because this stuff was like rocket fuel for my modest Fiat Panda 1100  (Nitrox Hot Shot Power Boost)

Simon King