Wonder why some cars
look so good?

At Tetrosyl we are passionate about cars, therefore we know the wheels can make or break the look of your vehicle. Wonder Wheels is the consumer’s choice for wheel cleaning and enhancement and they ask for it by name. Today there is a range of Wonder Wheels products to seal and protect wheel surfaces and also to clean and shine tyre walls.

Wonder Wheels Wheel Sealant

Providing the latest nano surface technology from Wonder Wheels. Our Revolutionary instant wheel sealant leaves an invisble, protective shield over the wheel surface, creating a barrier against the build up of stubborn brake dust, road grime and dirt. Once applied Wonder Wheels Wheel Sealant produces a super repellent nano film, which when rained on or rinsed with water will self clean. Easy to apply and suitable for all wheel types.

Wonder Wheels All Black Gloss Tyre Gel

Wonder Wheels All Black Gloss Tyre Gel is a new addition to the award winning Wonder Wheels Range. Simply wipe on the High Gloss tyre dressing for a High Gloss finish. The tyre gel will revitalise the tyres and trim to provide optimum shine and ultimate protection which last and lasts – whatever the weather!

Wonder Wheels Original Alloy Wheel Cleaner

Cuts through dirt, grease and brake dust instantly. Used by the professionals, Wonder Wheels is an outstanding wheel cleaner that is easy to use. Wonder Wheels is formulated for use on lacquered wheels, steel wheels and plastic wheel trims.

Wonder Wheels Colour Active Super Wheel Cleaner

Wonder Wheels Colour Active is an acid-free wheel cleaner suitable for use on all wheel types, including those requiring extra special care such as chrome, unlacquered, split rims, anodised and damaged wheels. Colour Active easily removes baked on brake dust, road grime, dirt, grease and oil quickly and effectively with no brushing required and minimal effort. The technologically advanced cleaning process occurs with the aid of an active indicator which turns the wheel red as it reacts with and dissolves the dirt & brake dust. The product can then be washed off after 5 minutes, and dirty, dull wheels will be transformed back to their original, sparkling, showroom shine.

I would recommend this product to clean those aging alloys. It cuts through the brake grime with ease. (Wonder Wheels Super Alloy Wheel Cleaner)


This is a surprisingly powerful wheel cleaner for having no acid in it. I used Autoglym clean wheels which is nasty stuff and absolutely stinks. This was much better and much safer to use on a regular basis. I don’t really care much for my alloys as I got the car and the alloys were in poor condition. I plan to replace them this year at some point and keep them clean all the time. I will definitely buy this again because it’s a great, safe wheel cleaner and it actually stick to all areas of the wheel rather than running off onto the ground. (Wonder Wheels Hot Wheels Cleaner)


Oh my word, this worked great on my motorcycle wheels. They have cleaned up to look virtually brand new!! And the brake dust and dirt was caked on thick. (Wonder Wheels Cleaning Kit, 1L)