Bluecol introduces new 12-volt Car-to-Car Jumpstart Charger

Bluecol introduces new
12-volt Car-to-Car Jumpstart Charger

It’s happened to many of us: you spend your day trudging around town, soaked to the skin after a heavy downpour, only to return to your car to discover you left the lights on, and the battery’s dead. Thankfully for motorists this winter, the next bit just got easier. Negating the need for jump leads, Bluecol has introduced the new Car-to-Car Jumpstart Charger, which jump-starts a car through its 12-volt socket.

The device works by connecting the vehicle with the flat battery to the donor vehicle, via their 12-volt sockets. There’s no need to lift the bonnet, nor frantically scour one’s memory to remember which jump lead goes where and in what order.

The Bluecol Car-to-Car Jumpstart Charger features a six-metre cable and a digital meter, which simply plugs into the two cars’ sockets. You then switch on the donor car’s engine, switch on the recipient car’s ignition, and wait.

Typically, the car will be ready to start within 15 minutes (as soon as the displays stays at a steady 20 per cent).

The Product Manager for Bluecol, says: ‘This is a really useful gadget to have on hand in winter, as vehicle batteries are under more pressure at this time of year. The colder temperatures make it harder to push oil around the engine, making it harder to start up, and the battery comes under extra strain with people using electrics more, such as the heater.’

He adds: ‘It’s very easy to use, it fits in a glovebox, or in any other small storage compartment, and you can stay in your car for the process.’

The new Bluecol Car-to-Car Jumpstart Charger is available to buy now from many good retailers as well as online, priced at around £14.99.

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