Not Just For Cars!

While T-Cut is most famous for its use on cars, motorcycles and vans, the uses of T-Cut stretch much further than the automotive world. In fact, there are so many uses that even we don’t know about them all, and are often contacted by consumers who have found a new and inventive way of using this fabled product.

For example, professional antique restorers swear by T-Cut for cleaning furniture, brightening lacquered items and restoring metals such as Copper, Steel, Nickel and Silver. T-Cut can be used to restore uPVC when it has dulled due to sun damage and if used appropriately it can take scratches out of most painted surfaces. T-Cut restores the colour and removes scratches from household appliances such as fridges, cookers and dishwashers; additionally it removes scratches and restores the colour in plastic and ceramic baths, revitalising the tiles to their original colour.

T-Cut can be used on painted radiators, skirting boards and on sun bleached window ledges; as well as being used in the Marine industry to clean boats, gel coats, and especially cleaning water lines from salt water. One of the most recent uses for T-Cut was revealed when we were contacted by one of the largest restorer of pianos in the UK. They pointed out that “we use gallons of T-Cut. It’s the absolute best to revive the exterior (of Pianos) and the gold original colour… it’s wonderful”.

In addition, the launch of T-Cut Rapid Scratch Remover in 2017 only adds to this, expanding the varied uses of this very British, and very traditional product.

Hundreds of uses for T.Cut

T-Cut Unique Ideas

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